Information for authors

Requirements for submitting, reviewing and publishing of research works

Dear colleagues!

National Academy of tourism offers publication of articles in “Vestnik of National Tourism Academy” to graduate students, doctoral students, teaching staff of specialized higher education institutions, as well as research associates and tourism workers.

Articles of the heads and specialists of tourist management sector, prominent scholars and leading practitioners may be published free of charge according to the editors’ decision.

Other categories of authors must pay for the publications.

Authors working on doctoral and candidate dissertations must send the review by well-known specialists or the extract of the record of faculty meeting on the publishing recommendation, or a review of scientific advisor.

Works should be made in MS Word and be sent to the editors in electronic format (on disks or by e-mail).

Page properties: page size – A4, indentation – 2cm, no footer or header. Text properties: font – Times New Roman, size – 14pt, font style – regular (not bold, not italic, not underline), line spacing – 1.5, alignment – justify.

The article should include UDC code (

Organize your article in the following order of sections: title, abstract, key words, main text, list of references.

The title should be printed in capital letters. Next comes the initials and surname of the author, job position and place of employment, science degree, academic title, city. If there are several authors, each of them should be printed on new line. All the information should be given both in Russian and in English.

The abstract describes goals and objectives of the research, its practical application that helps to understand the core of the subject. The abstract should be no more than 400 characters (generally 2-3 sentences in Russian and in English).

The statement must be made in accordance with Government Standard GOST 2.105-95 “General requirements for text documents”, GOST 7.32-2001 “Report on research work”, GOST 7.89-2005 “Original texts author’s and publisher’s”, GOST R 7.0.7-2009 “Articles in journals and digests”.

Key words – 5-7 words in Russian and in English.

Integral part of the statement is the preamble and its conclusions. The preamble presents the degree of the problem development and its current situation assessment. In the conclusions you should mention in brief research results, their novelty, advantages and practical use.

It is not allowed to use spoken language expressions, technicisms, professional jargon, spontaneous word formations, abbreviations, except for based on Russian spelling rules and state standards.

In case of using explanatory pictures and charts, you are obliged to give the reference in the text.

Title of the pictures (schemes, diagrams and etc.) should be placed beneath in the center. Chart title should be placed in the center above the chart.


Picture 1 – Tourist flows dynamic

Chart 3 – Tourist sources cadaster

Pictures and charts can be untitled and have only Arabic numerals.

All pictures, diagrams, schemes should be made in black and white format.

At the end of the article you must give the references. The list of references is formed in order the literature was used. Bibliographic entry must be given in accordance with GOST Р 7.1 – 2003 “Bibliographic record. Bibliographic entry” or with GOST Р 7.0.5 – 2008 “Bibliographic references”.

References used in the article are given in the square brackets after the name of the source or a quotation by putting the number it was mentioned in the list. In this case the number should be followed by comma and the page where it was used. Example: [6, p. 48].

Using Internet resources you should give the title, the site, electronic address and the date of use.

Example: The Official Site of Federal Agency for Tourism. URL: (date of use 21.02.2010).

The article should have enclosed author’s contact details in Russian and in English and some pictures with the description upon the topic.

The article should be no more than 10-12 pages (for candidates for a doctor’s degree up to 20 pages).

All the articles received by the editors of “Vestnik of ТЕФЭ are a matter of obligatory reviewing for an expert assessment. The reviewers are the leading specialists, primary the editors (Peer reviewing statute).

The editors reserve the right to reject the paper by following reasons:

  • negative review;
  • discrepancy between the topic of the article and journal profile;
  • discrepancy between the article and the latest achievements, insufficient actuality and significance of the research results;
  • lack of novelty, originality and personal contribution to the research results;
  • discrepancy between the content and modern standards of literary and scientific language;
  • violation of present “Requirements for submitting research work” (especially violation of GOST)

We ask to send the articles and references by e-mail:, or on disk to the address: 197110, Saint Petersburg, Petrozavodskaya st., 13A.

Tel.: 230-72-47, 235-69-00.


Author’s contact information:

Surname, name, patronymic

Science degree                             Academic title

Place of employment                     Job position

Address                                       Tel.                         E-mail


Bank details for publishing

Recipient: MONPO “NAT”
Recipient Bank: JSC “Bank “Sankt-Peterburg””, Saint Petersburg
Account 40703810127000004140,
correspondent account 30101810900000000790
TIN 7814158889
TRRC 781401001
bank sort code 044030790

Peer reviewing statute